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H2 Detector FH2-HY04-GS2 For Hydrogen Leak Detection

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For Hydrogen Leak Detection

The FH2-HY04-GS2 is a newly developed hydrogen detector, specifically designed for preventing hydrogen leaks in fuel-cell vehicles (FCV). For this application, a reliable hydrogen sensors is required and FIS has developed a new catalytic combustion type hydrogen sensor with a minimum mass and wide surface area using a unique technology. The development of this sensor realizes a rapid response speed and strong poisoning resistance against silicone compounds. These features achieve the expected demands for long life in actual applications in automobiles, without any need for replacing detectors over a long period. In combination with sophisticated electronics and software design, FIS offers the following features in hydrogen leak detection.


Industrial gas leak detector

Target gas: Hydrogen


Rapid response speed

High Selectivity

Wide operating/storage temperature range

Compact and light weight

Long life

Target gasH2
DescriptionSensor module for detecting hydrogen leakage from fuell cell vehicle (FCV).
Sensing principal of mounted gas sensorCatalytic type
Measurement range0 ~ 4 vol.%
Power supply12V (9 ~ 16V) DC
Power consumption≤1000mW
Signal outputPWM
IP codeIP6K7
Size82.6 (W) x 80.8 (D) × 22.5 (H) mm